Overview to Behrud

Since settled until now Behrud Technology tries to manage digitalization process of costumers, makes them meet new technologies, and with long term relations tries to keep all updated. Since started with little steps Behrud Technology now working with proffessionals in Turkey, Europe and other Turkish Republics around world.

Behrud Technolohy’s main job is to cunsult about digitalization of costumers but at the same time producing products and services for costumers’ needings. This products are, data mining on specified locations, and making these datas useful for costumers, users and third party users.

Our products are being used many market spaces as Behrud Technology. As and example marketing, transportation, health, entertaintment and education products and services.


Our priorities while we are serving our services and products:

To be able to offer products and services with lower cost but higher added value.
Construct structures where you can analyze all your business processes in detail.
Develop mobile priority services or products .
Keeping up-to-date services or products.
With the right channels, the right services, to make integrations that you can offer to the right customers.
Making your business remotely manageable.

How we are working?

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how can we help you?

You can call us for any questions, requests, complaints or suggestions you may have about our services or products

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