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Behrud Teknoloji - Yarat?c? ?? Çözümleri
Why us ?

Because we teach you all the steps that you need to walk while digitalization and we are walking on this way together with you!

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Behrud Teknoloji - Yarat?c? ?? Çözümleri
360° service ?

While we are giving you all our services and products we learn everything about your business process and making them integrated with our solution partners!

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solutions of our services and products


Companies which give e-commerce and which think to give e-commerce

New Digital Business Development

Companies which try to digitalize their productions, services and sales.

CRM Consulting

Companies which try to make stronger costumer relations and which want to have right costumer from right source.

App Development

Companies which try to support their business ideas and processes with mobile and web applications.

Data Management Solutions

Companies which aim to develop their sales strategies by caregorizing datas from different sources.

UX/UI Services

Companies which try to give best experience to their costumers with right visualizations and right plannings.

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We are analizing and turning to real your thinkings about technolojy and business digitalizations!
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