Behrud Teknoloji - Yarat?c? ?? Çözümleri

Developed under Law No. 5651, it is a system that transforms businesses' wifi networks into a secure environment and at the same time offers a new marketing tool to businesses.

Behrud Teknoloji - Yarat?c? ?? Çözümleri
Avian Mail

It is an intelligent newsletter automation that can measure buyer behavior, measure interaction.

Behrud Teknoloji - Yarat?c? ?? Çözümleri

The right service is a customer relationship management software that is equipped with tools that you can offer right at the right time, customer analysis, conduct behavior analysis, manage your projects and teams.önetimi yazılımıdır.

Behrud Teknoloji - Yarat?c? ?? Çözümleri

It is an e-commerce software that is equipped with the most advanced payment methods, which enables you to carry your store electronically, with its beCRM product, and to analyze your sales in the desired segments.

Behrud Teknoloji - Yarat?c? ?? Çözümleri

It is a full-featured point-of-payment software that analyzes your sales in the retail and wholesale markets, restaurants, and hotels, and analyzes your sales and proposals for your marketing strategy.

Behrud Teknoloji - Yarat?c? ?? Çözümleri

It is an event management system that you can use in ticket sales or booking events, compatible with mobile environments, and able to report to your customers and sales.

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